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Do you currently have a patio or driveway which is a boring slab of cement?  Does it have cracks from age and extreme weather shifts?  We have the most economical solution to transform your space.  Using our paver mold system you can resurface that boring concrete into a dramatic surface.
The cement slab must be scubbed with a stiff bristle brush and mixture of concentrated cement cleaner and water.  Remove all dirt and stains from the surface then spray clean with a hose.  Allow the cement to completely dry before continuing.
Once dry, begin mixing morter.  Follow the manufacturers instructions to achieve the perfect consistancy.  For mixing, five gallon buckets or wheel barrows work perfect.
Once morter is mixed, begin spreading in a square corner of the project.  Spread the morter with a trowel 1/2 inch thick.  Place the first paver into the morter bed and use a level to ensure it is properly positioned.  If your surface is cracked and uneven, more morter can be added to level the area.
Place a spacer against the first paver and position the second paver against the spacer and settle into the morter bed.  Once again, utilize your level to ensure everything is positioned properly.  Continue this sequence until the first row is complete.  Now begin the second row, etc.  In no time your boring cracked slab will be covered in stylish new pavers.
There are several options for filling the gaps between the pavers.  The easiest is simply dumping sand over the new surface and sweeping it into the gaps.  For a more polished and permanent look, fill a grout bag with morter and squeeze into the gaps.  Scrape and excess off to level the morter with the pavers.
Most patios can be done over the course of a weekend.  Scrub Friday evening, place pavers Saturday and fill gaps Sunday.  Hope this idea helps with your economical transformation.

8/23/2012 11:47:25 am

I want to pave around my horse stables...what style would you suggest? My horses are not shod so there is no threat that they would slip or that the pavers get chip/cracked due to the horseshoes.


8/24/2012 06:28:04 am

Hello Sandra,
How large of a space are you wanting to add pavers?
Rockstone Studio

2/15/2020 09:19:09 pm

I place and order February 12 2020 and don’t know nothing about my order seen then and I paid for fast shipping.

1/3/2021 03:58:12 am

Great post much appreciate the time you took to write this.

Larry jeanfreau
6/16/2021 10:15:23 am

Still waiting for the 6 molds I paid for . No reply for anyone .hopefully I can get my money back through PayPal. Do not use this site.


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